Data-Driven Manoeuvering aid


The  Dockscout® system can be complemented as needed with the following modules

Wheelhouse Height Detection

A sensor that detects the height of the wheelhouse relative to the deck. This information is displayed on the panel in the wheelhouse, indicating the height whether the wheelhouse is in the highest or lowest position.

Antenna mast detection

a sensor that detects whether the (rear) mast is fully lowered or not. When the captain approaches an object and the antenna mast is not yet fully lowered, the icon on the panel in the wheelhouse will start flashing.

Wing panels

alarm panels incorporated into the bridgewing controls on board cruise ships

Depth sensors

Through this connection, the height of the waterline is calculated in relation to the keel line and displayed on the panel in the wheelhouse. This provides the captain with real-time information about the current height of his ship and the lowest possible keel line. The height of antennas is also included in this.


For the pricing of the Bridgescout® and all its modules check the inventarisation form here. 

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