Smart Ship

Smart Ship Technology

A smart ship is a type of marine vessel that relies heavily on advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and automation to manage operations. The smart ship concept is gaining traction today due to its potential for improved efficiency (development of autonomous ships) and safety in the maritime industry.

The purpose of smart ship technologies is to improve crew performance and reduce risks associated with traditional methods achieved by the use of sensors installed throughout the ship. These sensors enable data-driven decision making that optimizes processes from navigation to energy management. Operators can access real-time information about their vessels and make informed decisions quickly and accurately. By automating specific manual tasks, the crew will be able to focus more on what matters most: safely operating their vessel.

Our Smart Ship Solutions

Sensor Maritime is contributing to the concept of smart ship by developing  new technologies in the form of high-quality, innovative sensor solutions. Our 3 main solutions developed over the past years are Bridgescout®, Dockscout® and Satellite:

  • Height Control


    The depth of a vessel is measured by means of sensors and displayed on a panel; the height of the wheelhouse is often shown separately on another panel in the wheelhouse. By combining the data and displaying it on one panel, our Sensor Maritime hub, you have all information needed for a safe passage: Height Control.

  • Satellite


    Satellite is part of the data-driven optimization of your fleet. To provide shipowners with the opportunity to achieve cost savings and improve efficiency by operating safer, smarter and more sustainable we need data. Satellite is a simple to install, plug-and-play unit that connects a maritime data flow to your application and/or dashboard. Connect your or our sensors to obtain and convert data. Satellite handles the complexity of a large number of different communication layers and data protocols. It makes access to data as easy as possible. Due to its modular construction, it is possible to design your own Satellite. Based on your demands, compact and of industrial grade.

  • Bridgescout®


    Bridgescout® is developed to reduce the number of collisions as well as the risk of collisions. With our so-called bridge height detection system you will increase alertness and safety aboard and offers you and your captain(s) peace of mind. Bridgescout® not only protects your vessel, but also your personnel. Bridgescout® will inform the captain about the potential risk of a collision by means of an alarm based on a real time scan. This will allow the captain to lower the wheelhouse in time.

    Due to the modular setup of Bridgescout® you can compose your own version of our Bridgescout® system. If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to incentivize the adoption of smart shipping technologies, governments are offering subsidies for safety equipment such as bridge height detection systems to support the captain in the decision if the wheelhouse is low enough to pass an object safely while navigating in restricted waters. Over time we have built a large networkand can help you to access the required subsidies.

Smart Ship Partner

As smart shipping technologies continue to develop, its potential for transforming marine operations is immense. With further development of autonomous ships, smart ships could become part of a larger smart maritime network that connects ports and other entities across the world; allowing for greater collaboration and coordination between operators and regulators alike. Ultimately, smart shipping technologies are set to revolutionize the operation and management of marine vessels, making the industry safer and more efficient than ever before.

Sensor Maritime is a reliable partner for many shipping organizations. With our roots in the industry we pursue industrial levels of reliability, durability and robustness. By working closely together with our clients and partners we strive for long-term value creation. Our organization is characterized by a problem-solving attitude, long term collaborations and a team of young professionals who dare to question, and are not limited by, existing practices.

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