The purpose of Sensor Martime is to increase safety on board through innovative sensor solutions. The organization is best known for its innovative bridge height detection system Bridgescout®, which is developed to reduce the number of collisions and the risk of collisions in inland shipping. Sensor Maritime uses the developments within sensor technology to develop solutions that create insight for the captain and to provide added value in smart shipping. The organization now has an established name in inland shipping and with this partnership it also wants to enter the market of seagoing vessels.

TechBinder was launched with its Smart Vessel Optimizer in November 2019. Within a dashboard, this tool combines all sorts of data sources from ship assets and onshore systems and makes this data transparent. Through this, the performance of a fleet is visualized. This reveals optimization opportunities that can be used to optimize an entire fleet.

Smart Vessel Optimizer focuses on operational, financial and environmental performance of assets, ships and the fleet

This technology has been successfully used in industrial environments for several years and has been further developed by TechBinder for use in maritime operations.

Smart Vessel Dashboard

Sensor Maritime is a spin-off from Sensor Groep, an international organization with 25 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of sensor technology. TechBinder originated from Schneider Electric, global leader in energy distribution and automation.

Both young companies combine the flexibility and innovation speed of a startup with the reputation and reach of established technology providers

With this, they guarantee the quality of the technology and the necessary support. The startups came into contact through ‘SMASH’ the Smart Shipping program of the Dutch government, which was set up to facilitate innovations in the field of smart shipping.

With this collaboration, Sensor Maritime and TechBinder are responding to an increasingly digitizing maritime business. The desire to develop digital twin technology and to sail autonomously is also one step closer. This collaboration facilitates easy data access and visualization. The scalability of Smart Vessel Optimizer is also greatly simplified. Users can enrich the system’s output in areas in their specific needs with minimal interventions on board.

In the last few months, both companies worked hard behind the scenes on a joint development that is currently being tested and fine-tuned by their engineers. This solution will be introduced soon, so stay tuned.

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