Corporate Responsibility

SoulMATE for foundation MATE

Sensor Maritime is a sponsor (SoulMATE) of the MATE foundation.

Foundation MATE is an initiative of Maaskade Bevrachters B.V. and TriviumLindenhof to get young people interested in and train young people for a career in the maritime sector. Young people who are in danger of falling by the wayside from a social point of view, are enabled to get and keep a job in inland navigation.

As a target group, the MATE foundation focuses on young people with less promising futures. This includes young people who are homeless, in a multi-problem situation, have dropped out of the regular school system or are unemployed. These are young people for whom intensive guidance still can lead to a structural improvement of his or her situation and for whom the chance on the labor market can be increased.

Our green office

Our office is located on Fort Isabella, Vught. The visible history of Fort Isabella as a fort and barracks site is the basis on which everything is designed, built and realized, and which can always be found everywhere. The past is cherished and what has been lost of the important heritage is replenished. Everything the organisation of Fort Isabella does is rooted in history, but what they add is always completely ‘of now’ and therefore future-proof and sustainable. They continue to innovate through sustainable solutions.

In October 2022, the site switched completely to a gas-free heating and cooling system. A network of heat and cold pipes was constructed that connects all buildings to the power plant. As a result, the site works like a battery: excess heat from the buildings is stored in the summer and reused in the winter. Most of the electricity needed for the system and the site is supplied by more than 1800 PV panels and additional green energy is purchased for the rest of the consumption.

Since Fort Isabella has several charging stations for electric cars, we couldn’t stay behind. We are on our way to make all our employees drive electric cars.

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