Bridgescout® is developed to reduce the number of collisions as well as the risk of collisions. With our so-called bridge height detection system you will increase alertness and safety aboard and offers you and your captain(s) peace of mind. Bridgescout® not only protects your vessel, but also your personnel. Bridgescout® will inform the captain about the potential risk of a collision by means of an alarm based on a real time scan. This will allow the captain to lower the wheelhouse in time.

Due to the modular setup of Bridgescout® you can compose your own version of our Bridgescout® system. If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

More information?

Bridgescout® Video

What our interface looks like

Examples about the working of Bridgescout®.

Collision detected

Enough clearance height

Scanning for object


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