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Damage frequently occurs when docking. This damage is usually caused to quays, locks or to the ship itself by misjudging the speed and dimensions of the ship. With automatic quayside detection using Dockscout®, this can be prevented. Dockscout® measures the distance of the ship from a quay or lock wall in real time. For these applications, a sensor is placed at the front and rear of the ship. That way, when entering the lock, the skipper immediately has a full picture of the ship’s sides. And if the skipper maneuvers sideways, the distance to the quay is immediately visible, both fore and aft. On a panel in the wheelhouse, the captain reads the distances along the ship. Simply put, you have a local radar image of the entire length and width of the ship down to the centimeter. In other words, no sailor needed at the front of the ship to estimate approximately the distance, but a sensor that measures the distance to the nearest centimeter.
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