Height Control



The depth of a vessel is measured by means of sensors and displayed on a panel; the height of the wheelhouse is often shown separately on another panel in the wheelhouse. By combining the data and displaying it on one panel, our Sensor Maritime hub, you have all information needed for a safe passage: Height Control.

More information?

In addition to the information provided by Bridgescout® Basic, the captain will have real time information concerning the actual height of the vessel as well. Height Control provides the captain with the possibility to set the wheelhouse at the correct height for a safe passage and informs your captain about the current lowest possible air draft. Note Your current lowest possible air draft is your height when the wheelhouse is in the lowest position and the antenna/radar mast is completely down based on your current depth. This does not have to be the lowest possible air draft of your vessel.


Height Control provides the captain with insight into the height of the wheelhouse in relation to the water line while approaching and passing a bridge. In other words, support the captain in making the right decision in order to increases safety aboard and offer peace of mind. Therefore, Height Control is a valuable addition to the product portfolio of Sensor Maritime.

By adding an antenna mast sensor, the height of the antenna/radar mast is included in the measurement if not completely down as well. By adding our Bridgescout® sensor, the captain will be informed about the potential risk of a collision by means of an alarm if the wheelhouse is not lowered (in time) and there is no sufficient clearance height for the wheelhouse to pass the approaching bridge safely. This will allow the captain to still lower the wheelhouse in time.


In order to develop Height Control, Sensor Maritime partnered up with Berg Maritieme Meetsystemen. By combining the data of the depth sensors of Berg Maritieme Meetsystemen and the data of the wheelhouse height detection sensor of Sensor Maritime, the height of your wheelhouse in relation to the water line will be calculated and displayed on our Sensor Maritime interface in the wheelhouse. By clicking on the Height Control icon a popup appears and additional information concerning the depth of your vessel will be shown. Keeping the overview by integrating systems.


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